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009-270MM/330 GAS ABSORBER APIDO  270MM : Y110 Y100 RC SRL


# #masterpump bracket CnC Alloy UniversalReady stock #y15zr #rs150r #NVX #Nmax #bracketholder #ex5 #Kris’s #Y125z #FZ150NEW #wave125 m Bull fire Master pump bracket CnC Alloy UniversalReady stock


Material Type: Stainless Steel Special Features: #y15zr #lc135 #rs150 #fz150 #ex5 #Kris’s #y125zr #cooler help speed External Testing Motorcycle Parts Oil Radiator Cooler For 100% Brand New High Quality This oil flow tube cooler kit is universally fit for motorcycles with finned tube diameter of 18mm. Made of stainless steel, rest assured its durability and will not rust over time. The oil tube directly bolt onto the oil fills, acting as the cooling catalyst to engine, prolong the service life of engine. At the same time, the beautiful rainbow colour also enhance the visual of your motorcycle! The unit is a must have for the hot weather in Malaysia, oil begins to deteriorate with high temperature, the chemical particles within the oil broken down and possess harm to engine. Our oil flow tube comes with heavy fins, mounting bracket and solid frame with adequate surface area to promote efficient thermal transfer. Universal fit for motorcycles with tube diameter of 18mm Durable and will not rust Acting as cooling catalyst to engine Prolong the engine service life Beautiful decoration to motorcycle with the rainbow colour Box Included: 1 x Oil Cooler Tank 1 x Tube of 1.8cm 2 x Mini Gauges 1 x Oil Hose of 58cm Dimension (in cm): 16.5 x 5.5 x 5.5


#monoshock COVER UNIVERSAL FOR BIKE LIKE Z800 Z250 ZX250 #LC135 #Y15ZR RS150 FZ150 #r25 ETC MATERIAL WATERPROOF Monoshock Cover Universal For All Motorcycle Available For Yamaha , Suzuki , Honda , Benelli , Kawasaki High Quality ( Thick Cloth ) Easy Installation , PNP Hot Item In Town Biasa tak alami masalah monoshock bike anda kotor dgn tanah, lumpur dan pasir2? Nak bersih kan bukan senang...kalo nasib tak baik batu pon boleh terselit kat mono.. Untuk mengatasi masalah ni, ni dia, monoshock cover..dgn panjang dlm 25cm, sesuai utk semua superbike atau motor anda..lindungi monoshock anda dari kotoran dan benda asing lain. monoshock cover ni boleh basuh, so takde masalah kalo nak guna berkali2. #monoshock #mono #shock #cover #y15zr #rs150r #rs150 #r25 #ohlins #yamaha #honda #kawasaki #benelli #kyb #ktm #aksesori #m


MIX122 SEAT HYDRAULIC UNIVERSAL #Y15ZR #LC135 #RS150 #EX5 #KRISS #BELANG Seat Damper Hydraulic #seat #yamahaparts #Yamaha malaysi A great innovation to facilitate the filling of petrol into the tank moped. Typically, moped riders who face this problem are those who put in the basket quite large, causing the seat can not be opened fully. This causes the seat would tend to fall back on. Motor seat damper. Brand universal new seat damper stand for moped / scooter. 100% brand new and in good condition. --------------------------------------------------------------- Fungsi : Menahan tempat duduk motor supaya tak tertutup / jatuh terutama masa isi minyak. (Tak gaduh dengan 'seat' dah, mudah tak perlu pegang/tahan 'seat' lagi.) --------------------------------------------------------------- A great innovation to facilitate the filling of petrol into the tank moped. Typically, moped riders facing the problem whom put in the basket too large, causing the seat cannot be opened fully. Then the seat would tend to fall back on. The use of universal seat damper also will enable the seat will always remain open and facilitates filling petrol and also perhaps for other things. #y125z #nvx #nmax #c70 #y100 #r15


VR46 RIDING CAP RACING MOTORYCLE Y15ZR RS150 LC135 NVX NMAX VR46 Digital Embroidery Baseball Cap Racing Motorcycle 2016 new Men and women fashion star signature rossi VR46 digital embroidery baseball cap racing motorcycle hat movement(4 colors) Product categories: baseball cap Applicable gender: neutral/male or female The range of the ages: adult Material: cotton Style: Europe and the United States The method of weaving: plain Processing: embroidery Popular element: embroidery Suitable for season: winter, spring, summer, autumn Applicable gift-giving occasions: opening ceremony, birthday, awards ceremony, wedding, business gifts, advertising promotion, anniversary celebrations, public relations planning, festivals, fairs, housewarming, employee benefits Brim design: extended eaves Color: yellow, black, navy blue, white Size: adjustable #fashion#star#46#thesignature#cap#maam#racing#baseball#motorcycle#embroidery


Yamaha Y100 Y110 Y110II Y110 II Seat Cover Replacement Standard Black